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Viking Age Arms and Armor. Comparatively little is known about Viking age weapons, and even less is known about how the weapons were used. This limited ...

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Knowledge about military technology of the Viking Age (end of 8th- to mid-11th-century Europe) is based on relatively sparse archaeological finds ...

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During the Viking age, mail usually was worn in the form of a mail shirt (brynja), like the reproduction shown to the right. Typically, the garment was T ...

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The A2 Viking Armored Mechanical Hybrid[1] is a terran unit with the ability to transform between a ground unit ("Assault mode") and an air unit ... : Armor Venue - Viking Shield - Brown - Full ... : Armor Venue - Viking Shield - Brown - Full Size Replica Medieval Shield : Sports & Outdoors

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Want to be a knight in shining chain-mail armor? Shop for everything you need. Coifs, shirts, tunic, gauntlets and even the padded garments worn under them ...

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Operational history Royal Marines. Originally designed for the British Royal Marines and named Viking, the vehicle underwent an extensive trials and ...