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MAKE YOUR OWN SMOKE FLUID (Ideal for FX workshops where the characteristics can be adjusted to suit the application.) SMOKE MACHINE BASICS The most common ...

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Product - Cryo Freeze - Low Lying Ground Fog Machine Fluid - Stage and ... Chauvet Halloween Pro DJ Fog Smoke Machine w/ Fog Fluid & Wired Remote | H ...

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Find Smoke Machines ... The Mirror-Pipe-Patent conducts in the machine help prevent fluid ... Product page Smoke Factory Only Smoke Machines of Smoke ...

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A fog machine, fog generator, or smoke machine is a device that emits a dense vapor ... Very basic models of this type of machine consist of a fluid ... smoke machine fluid

FogWorx Fog Juice - 1 Quart of Organic Odorless Fog Fluid (32 oz) - Medium Density, High Output, Long Lasting Fog Machine Fluid for 400 Watt to 1500 Watt ...

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This is just a quick tutorial on how to make fog Fluid/Juice ... How to clean and unclog your Fog Smoke Machine like new for less than $1 ...

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Find Smoke Machines and Accessories at Thomann Online Store.

Information about Oil & Water Based Fog Machines

A large majority of fog machines that are available on the market today water-based.

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FAQs about smoke machines. Covers health issues, coloured smoke, fluid use, good practice, cleaning and maintenance.

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Portable smoke / fog machines for generating non-toxic water or oil based artificial smoke. Pea Soup is a UK company, almost all our smoke machines are ...