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Top Four Reef-Safe Sunscreens. ... we’ve compiled a list of the top four reef-safe sunscreens ... If your favorite sunscreen isn’t on this list, ...

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Answer 1 of 16: Does anyone have a favorite brand of reef safe sunscreen. This might sound silly but are there any nice smelling ones? One of my ...

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I’d like to consider myself someone who helps rather than harms the underwater world. But late last year I saw an ad for "coral reef safe sunscreen". Uh Oh.

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Photo courtesy of Trilogy Excursions. Here is a list of sunscreens I found to be reef safe: Raw Love Sunscreen, SPF 35 (Made in Maui) Deter Mineral Reef ...

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Tropical Seas specializes in eco friendly biodegradable sunscreens and after sun care products like reef safe sunscreen and skin care PROTECT YOUR SKIN ...

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We only test sunscreens that are reef safe, ... To find the best snorkeling sunscreen, we only use and test reef ... Last, the list of ingredients looks a ...

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25 Responses to “The Truth About Sunscreens and Coral Reefs ... the scientists list 4 sunscreen chemicals that ... to be the most reef safe sunscreen ...

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“It’s safe to say that oxybenzone and sunscreen pollution ... tons of sunscreen lotions end up in coral reefs ... list for all potentially harmful ...

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Scuba Diving and Sunscreen ... the complete list at EWG’s website. Now that you’re ready to make the switch to reef-safe (and human-safe) sunscreen, ...

Be Reef Safe - Use Eco-friendly, Reef Safe Sunscreen Options

Explore the beauty of the coral world beneath the waves in a reef safe way. Use only eco-friendly sunscreens or cover up with rash-guards and swim shirts.