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Halfbike | The compact and light standing bike, anywhere ...

Halfbike - the compact and light standing bike, anywhere with you!

Halfbike II is a pedal-powered vehicle designed to improve ...

This video shows the latest version of the Halfbike – a three-wheeled vehicle similar to a pedal-powered Segway – designed by transport ...

Halfbike II - YouTube

Get one on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/774841427/halfbike-ii

Support | Halfbike | The compact and light standing bike ...

Halfbike - the compact and light standing bike, anywhere with you!

Halfbike: A Stand Up Tricycle - Odditymall

I would describe the halfbike as a cross somewhere between a penny-farthing and a Segway, as you stand up and peddle like you would on some sort of workout ...

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