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This Fresnel lens produces a very even light that is soft at the edges and tends to project a soft shadow. Because the edge of the light is soft, it is not ...

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A Fresnel lantern (pronounced frəˈnɛl or fruh-nel) is a common lantern used in theatre, which employs a Fresnel lens to wash light over an area of the stage


The Fresnel’s lens design compresses the convex curve into jagged steps, making it lighter and thinner so that it retains less heat. The Fresnel lens ...

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The Fresnel lens reduces the amount of material required compared to a conventional lens by dividing the lens into a set of concentric annular sections.

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ETC's new Source Four Fresnel brings you the soft-focus lighting and sparkle you ... Lighting designers have long applied the romance of Fresnel light ...

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The “Flat Fresnel” for blacklight effects, the F8-B combines true 365nm ultraviolet, flicker-free light with traditional Fresnel performance.

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A simple side-by-side comparison of LED Fresnel Light specifications. Who gives the best value for money, at least on paper?

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The light is the perfect combination of avant-garde technology, sustainability and poetic beauty. The FresnelLIGHT has been created with a custom-made ...

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High quality, high performance. Uniformity, controllability and light intensity are the quality pillars of LED FRESNEL SERIES products. Quality of light ...

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