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Cuban cigars from Finest Cuban Cigars - We offer genuine, premium, Cuban cigars, wholesale and privately, in the USA, at the most competitive prices available.

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While Cuban cigars are smuggled into the US and sold at high prices, counterfeiting is rife. It has been said that 95% of Cuban cigars sold in the US are counterfeit.

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This original cigar was an unnamed Laguito No.1, and in 1967, two addition sizes were added....a Laguito No.2 and a Laguito No.3. The cigar brand remained unnamed until 1966, when it was officially named Cohiba. In 1969 the three cigars were given commercial names and the packaging and band designs finalised (see Standard Band A).

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#1 Tip for avoiding fakes, don't buy from unauthorized stores/sellers. #1 Tip for determining if you have a fake, google for a known good band ...

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